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Originally self-released 20th April 2012.

Sophomore Album of Ascended Masters:
Conscious Hip Hop Duo, Bliss (Emcee) & DeeAre (Producer). Their mission: To open your world view. Awaken the senses. Open your mind.

"Ascended Masters is a hip hop duo from Hawaii consisting of Bliss AKA Goddess Bliss (emcee) and DeeAre AKA Parallax (producer). They have a nice boom bap, jazzy influence of music along with a peaceful message of love, peace and positivity. The truth lyrics haunt you to change your way of thinking and become aware of your environment. Don't follow the corrupted and political agenda. Rise above and open your mind. Peace"

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released November 20, 2012

Ascended Masters Is:
Emcee - Bliss
Beat Maker - DeeAre

Mastering By Kubrick Productions
All songs composed by DeeAre with the exception of:
"New World Water" by CeSektion
"Abyss" by Goldfingah Beatz
"Happy Dazed" by Slim Moose
with Vocal Features by Glad2Mecha & Faynt Amor

"Distorted Orchids" features "shout outs" dropped by friends and associates of Ascended Masters.




A Better Tomorrow UK

DIY Electronic sub-label of A World We Never Made.

Check out the Punk side of the label:

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Track Name: Bliss - Distorted Orchids
wild orchids get distorted
all contorted in the shade
piled forces causin fortunes
on a short brigade
im not a slave im a servant
forced to act this way
remain a student in this movement
luck moves past my way
in the fray a tulip lay
smashed along the motorway
we dont stray we zig zag
ignorant throughout the day
excuse me don't touch me
watch out you're in my place
you cant see me
If I cant see you
but you're walking in my space
invaders strip my privacy
from the outside in
debaters take a jive at me
patience long gone thin
its the luck of the draw
when you clutchin at straws
one day that short stick
gonna step up and slap you in the jaws
fortune cookie optimism
in this earthbound prison
claim you the victim
but who isn't
please, father forgive em
end the division
stop and listen cause
my mission is that clarity
now bare with me as we snare cities
with that real raw gritty
un heard
fun verbs
make you question yourself
"man what did i just heard"
hello my name is bliss
this is my mission statement
be a leader not a follower
in that very placement
i promise to keep it real
and the truth to be a replacement
to all the lies told to me
so that it wont enslave them
Track Name: Bliss - Breath Of Life
This be a revolution
to stop u dead in your tracks.
the devil so complex
shit you cant even relax
benefact the competition
just a raisin your stats
dead the hollow prison
keepin your mindstate trapped
i dont rap
i put your domes into submission
content written
to the point of no surpass
i gasp
and breathe life into the tracks
drastically change your mindstate
beyond the white and blacks
cause im colorblind
when it comes to killin facts
purpose is as purpose does
and my purpose is the path
worthless your ego is
yep worthless is the gap
i take surface reflection
put my mind on wax
attack with jedi force
slappin u with these racks
pass with thirdeye course
deleting all of the trash
a horse of a pale complexion
theyd rather enforce
engourge on shallow covers
reflectin only on self
while i build with master brothers
play your heart while it melts
stealth with battle scenes
overstandin the spell
i dwell among the living
but most aint livin well
i tell a love of giving
while you roastin in a hell
Track Name: Bliss - Deaf March
i march to the beat of my drum
look at the scum bums
disassociated psychopaths
servin up the hum drum
you dumb but it aint your fault
look what they did to you
makin the american dream
seem so miserable
left right right left
death might bite steps
busy bees
in an anthro world
its a mans cold world
and this freezer burns
worst than a morticians table
able and willing
cable in ill
what they instill
deaths knockin on the windshield
you better guard your grill
im hardened till
they show me proof
whats the truth
fightin other peoples youth
yet we the first to shoot
oh so cute look
bobbies got a gun now
only 17 and having fun now
wait till he gets home
uncle sams left him alone
gi bill and missing limbs
goodbye will and missing friends
flow till the drone gets you
hell teach you a lesson or two
flash bang from denang to saipan
from a free man to no land
im a dreamer with realistic goals
even with trinkets stole
beaten and bruised
we still march thru
payin the piper
im riper than an avocado
lifer in an old bravado
playin like we got no motto
savin like theres no tomorrow
you hollow in the heart
but so much in the brain
swiimmin around like stains
on a broken membrane
we sustain so we can see the future
pill pain till the cause refutes you
till god rebukes you
fuk u shima on decline
radiation on the rise
wake up and smell the cesium
theres blood in their demise
sharks in the water sniffin out the weakest link
on the brink yet still cant reach you
peak at you thru the rendevous shu
that shit is pitiful
god gave u the gift of spit
that shit is critical
ma gave you the gift of grit
that is innate in you
got faith but you wont recipricate
even though you learned to love
all you play is hate
vacate the premises
placate the nemesis
playdate with preticates
stay awake with ettiquette
so this delicate heart i wear
worn out and weathered i been stepped on
left right marchin on my way to defcon
Track Name: DeeAre - Peacemaker
one verse, one song, one mic,
one burst, one strong, one life
i got a purpose of light
i gotta merk through the strife
i gotta fight through the adversities
the shitty is sitting and watching the wrong in the night
like watching moms smoke rocks
throw her life down the crack pipe
i'll know when it's right
when i gotta stab the lies with a knife
murderous villains pillagin villages
while you asleep in the heights
i got a willin to kill the illn if my feelins are right
am i believing the hype?
or is my confliction justified
why am i so sad?
a pathetic empathy for those who die
we complain in vain amnesty
while others stand and fight
im tired of laying and waiting
while bombs go burst in the night
i'm surging with life
but they tryin to suppress my fire
a dire warning they conspire to breed an evil empire
or is it already bred
they left so many dead
innocents she blood with the stench of burning flesh
sprayed with lead
everythings gonna be alright
well atleast that's what they said
lie after lie they fillin your head
you tryin to stay alive
but you already dead
on the inside
you got nothin but pride
for a nation that never was
patriotism for slugs
terrorism, poverty and a war on drugs
AK's in the hands of thugs
we're killing our youth
with the pull of a plug
one click and a tug
asigh and a shrug
throwin money at the problem
without liftin a finger
textin 666 to give your 10 dollars thru the ringer
they take the cash and run
for 10 minutes of fun
with a ten year old sex slave named hee sung
free dumb is an illusion and life is a prison
fear tactics leave you spastic
and scared to share your vision
itchin fo r achance to lock you up
glock you up
and opppress the livin
i confess my givin isnt enough
but i sure aint silent
fearing when im gone will my kids be violent
protesting for their birthright to roam free on this island
i am not a tyrant or a terrorist
just fightin for the life of my seeds
duckin the corruption of the corporatocracy
my steez aint conventional by any means
make you question your existence with every line i feed
indeed my words are my weapons
they cut like swords
slashin thru the rap session liek samurai lords
i'm tryin to fill your motherboards
with more than just filth and dirt
dyin to kill them other hordes
before they fill me with pills and hurt
will they work?
these cries for my people slain
invisible borders that divide and segregate
to think we're all a different race?
are we all not human beings?
do we not bleed like the rest?
my living is a threat to the elite
because they loathe progress
im fogless when it comes to protesting for the weak
millions dyin over bullshit as we speak
this is a testament to those
who aren't afraid to stand up and fight
even though death is the cost that's paid
mistakes are made and they just cover it up
it is never enough to apoligize and move on
it should have never happened in the first place
those murderous lies
we live so comfy in our materialistic ways
oblivious to the facts of what our money really pays for
global domination and terroristic wars
we are not expendable pawns towards your new world nation
i'm sick of the treachery
trickin us into believin that it's all it's meant to be
i won't stop until im free and these chains come off of me
i wont be switched into believin the devil doesnt roam free
i'll wak eup every sleeping sheeple
until the last lips are kissed
twist the arms of the officials until the truth is told
ill never sell my soul to sit in the lap of luxury
you can't MK ultra me
i go against the grain to end the brutality
an abnormal rarity to be aware of the plan
my desperate attempt to do all that i can
i'm not a tree hugger i just want peace
until i take my last breath
that's all i need i jsut want peace
in my last days left
one step, one blessed, one breath
one death
this is the life i lead
it isn't strife i need
i just want peace
fuck the drama and the greed
i just want peace... please
Track Name: Bliss - Frank Insights And Myrhder
my common sense
too intense
second sense
too immense
to defect
i project
heaven sent
the pertinent
the serpent
the purpose
the servant
ready when
ready is
steady friend
dezzy is
blessed be him
best we win
battle sins
test akin
lets begin
a step within
its looking glim

why history always flip
the ancient scripts censorship
we tell the gods honest
truth is now the modest
your whole life is a shill
hold mics cause we spill
like incense in the burner
frank insights and murder


toughest skin
lift my pen
roughest when
shoveth in
drop my guard
battle scarred
covet them
loveth him
till wits end
i defend
my weakened
uplift friend
up with them
cherished when
their within

trust in wisdom
run its vision
hide the schism
find the mission
you keep missin
true religion
dont give up
just give in
keep head up
how we livin
we bless up
just for reasons
i believe in
we, the legion
kill the heathens
they mislead em

unforgivens all its ever been
guilty conscience if i sin
i left my patience in the wind
the truth is not with them
its when you search within

its lookin kinda glim
im sorry seraphim
Track Name: Bliss - New World Water
be weary of monsters lurkin in side of the boxes
flat screen mediums predicting the doctrines
precursors of mayhem brewing up all the toxins
this is madness a matrix of magic
dispute all logic
collage of mallarchy
montage monarchy
murdoch lookin foxy
while headlining the proxy
its ungodly please wash your hands of this farce
don't condone the gossip
don't condone the gospel
they hostile we hostages
bury heads in holes like ostriches
rise up and fight
this is your time to shine
smash up that plasma
that touchscreen
this your time to grind
you must be blind or maybe just brainwashed
i came tossed into this game stain glossed
with a pigment on my sleeve
that reads "pain talks"
i rain walk so my tears stay lost
in a sea of memories
remember me when you watchin that remedy

tell lie visions bein all its meant to be

as you sit there thinking maybe i aint watchin it
but possibly its watchin me
even reality aint real
people flip doin things that makin you squeal
censorship if you speakin the real
i dont want a fuckin deal
i dont wanna sign the seal
appealin to the masses it doesn't appeal
re peel your speel renew
and start a re birth
all i have is a free heart free mind and a free verse
and a free hearse
i'll free burst one day
disperse into an osmosis
lost focus in a paradiso applause potus
let loose motion free flow the cause floats us
the show must arise amigo create show dust
please show us
but dont drink the new world water
collaborate with heads that'll make you prosper
foster a force of nature that keeps you proper
offer up a sacrifice to create and ponder
i wonder whats next pentagons that flex to perplex
and worst yet they first get you to hate your person
smash up your confidence, hate your purpose
this is life but sometimes we dont truly live
this is nice but sometimes we unruly kids
grueling is the struggle to bubble up
don't double down on this world of greed double up
they crumble us while we stumblin
fumblin the truth while they mumblin
troublin rumblin in your propadanda
white lies in your speeches talk and slander
philanther me this
did the moon landing really exist
or was it an attempt at a techno synthesis
kubrick productions steady layin the bricks
quick someone cut the feed before they find out
pull the plug on the truth before it times out
free speech aint free it'll cost you your life b
wifey got spits but it'll cause them to smite thee
trifling enlightening the luminous
in dubious the crew be us the 2 we trust
Track Name: Bliss - Next Level
let me tell ya bout
the liars, the cheats
the friars, the priests
that hires the chiefs
the criers, the grief
the lions, the sheep
the lies and the greed
the pious the creed
the victims the seeds
its just sickening to me
they just tryin to breathe
you just steal what they eat
now they starve in the street
but soon you will see
why i be who i be
how i'm trying to flee
and whats inside of me
im crying for free
cause im tryin to reach
the fires that burn in my soul with mass belief
the pyres that yearn for a goal of mass relief
imma sigh on the beat
just to fly on the street
make you glide on this heat
best you try and repeat
or just cry and retreat
just to die on your feet
cause shit prior to me
you had to pry at the feast
now you dyin to eat
just a strivin to speak
trust a dive in the streams
just to catch and release
gusto snatch up your dreams
plus your passion is green
im the last one to leave
but the first shall be last
and the last shall be me
you still try to concieve
im bringin concepts
not objects
my subjects bring upsets
to both sex
im most blessed
cause my context
is complex
im focused
my protests
to bring you out of your stress
no test
ill get you out of your mess
so dont be vexed devil
cause you got nowhere to meddle
and we know where we settle
ill bash what you peddle
cause I take em to that next level
you get to know your GOD
smack up your gold calf
burn down your rich fraud
to that next level
you get to know your LORD
bash maybachs with machetes
you ready deadly
to that next level youll get to meet your maker
smash your stacks with swords
im death b the taker
we outlaws without flaws we dont play
we outbox with our cause, we wide awake
you know whats at stake
guts hard to break
its hard to take
ill take your place
then break your case
just try and erase
then buy and replace
you lie in my face
but you wont get away
cause we take you to that next level.
Track Name: Bliss - Blue Lotus Flowers
Internal wars wagin
I Seduce em for the hell of it
The hell i spit
blue lotus flowers
In a pestle kit

crumble powers in a hellish pit
Its devilish
The Be all you can be with all
your rhetoric

Might take you to the fringes
of the frenic-skitz
O no she didnt slip
She just flips with every line she hit

the gleam and glit-or
with that beamin clit-or
she might just hit and run you without a chor us

but why ask why
and hang me out to dry
passin me by just might
leave you wandering aimless with the hungry eye

night skies and butterflies
on my nice side
but in my wrath
you experience the path of my fight side

its a nice ride but the journey is the reason
so on deaths door you knock it down when leavin'
this aint the end but the startin of the meetin
so in our next lifetime we shall commence to greetin

It may be me
a spiritual fly by
takes you to that level
lets you know that i might
grip you by the soul
till you know you're a live
a life so precious
It makes me wonder why we die
how amazing, sigh
see the beauty in life
i cry tears of grace
it takes me to that place
where negativity fades
and my pain is erased
my brain is displaced
cause i think with my heart valve
instead of the think tank
i think blank when i think of peace
nothing and no one
no fighting and no guns
just writing and slogans like
love life and enjoy the ride
hope to catch ya on the other side

the yin and the yang
the sin and the damned
the rich and the shammed
i grin and i pan
for the types of gold rarely searched for
the gold of knowledge
the riches so solid
you could take them to the afterlife
after night its just another day
waiting for the man to take you away
ride of in the sunset
on his pale white horse
that tall dark stranger
that badge wearing ranger
saved the day again
but not without casualties
of war
bombarding me with thoughts of blood and gore
but it be right
just ash me up into the ether when i go
cause i know this life is so impermanent
on to the next where i hope we'll chat soon
but i gotta go now, the clocks pointin towards doom.
Track Name: Bliss - Abyss
take a dip with me
a trip to verbal exstacy
ya gettin next to me
and its gettin kinda hot in here
i think i need a doctor
or some kind of anesthetic
cause your kinetic energy
feedin me the remedy
heavily sedated memories
i felt so free
cause ya talked to me
gave me chills in my every peak
dare i ever speak
your eyes would get me tongue tied
tummy gotten butterflies
im ill smitten
my lil kitten restless
my heart is a mess this
the truest that ive ever known
newness got me feelin grown
pick me up out the blue
the coolest got me in my zone
you and me thru and thru
you and mes all we do
bite my bottom lip
take a sip of my honey dip
we goin on a mish
while we kiss
bliss got nice hips
feelin every inch of em
clinchin some
cause im fearin that i might fall
into that abyss of the night fall

a wise man once said if you love him you gotta let him go
its seething in my melodies but i gotta let him know
i gotta let him know i gotta let him go i gotta let u go

tongue twist me cause you missed me
and im feeling kinda frisky
bliss be swimmin in a slick sea
throw my back out cause ya flipped me
sades playin on the radio station
hes the smooth operator
rock my heart like a boat
as i come to
talkin bout my art is so dope
its no joke you can run if you have to
as i bask in your math do i even have to ask you
love aint the question
but the answer
lets float into oblivion
ill be your private dancer
shant be shy can't we fly
to a place where no one ever goes
tingle in my toe sprinklin like snow
everywhere i go i see your face now
i can't erase what i feel for you
eve ate forbidden fruit
we gettin too close just the way i like it
lookin at that juicy lip
come on let me bite it
you had me feelin kinda sexy
and i think its best we
just let it be
the way it was when we had it last
past be the past
and the futures at hand
Track Name: Bliss ft. Glad2Mecha & Faynt Amor - Happy Dazed
jazzy stench
smells like sweet revenge
play your position right
like the worlds what i light
feet extend
hexonomix synonymous
with endogamous tribesmen
the endgame is near
so the crowd spins
hearts do trend
what i wear on the outside
on the in im committed
no really im insane
a disdaine for ordained
and a twistframe
for this pissed game
pit stains for the kids name
im tain-ted
music not for the faint
at heart
a part of me loves me
a part of me doesnt know love
a show glove
and an empty box that reads
show love
drop a penny for my thoughts
and a dime in the offering
a drop in the bucket
and a time for the scoffeling
laugh if you want to
but the art that i flaunt thru
could teach millions
a trillion stars hear my cries
hear white lies in the other guys
my words speak volumes
a call to fall thru the safety net
that we all grew... to depend on